Benny The Butcher & Shannon Sharpe Beef On Twitter


Benny The Butcher & Shannon Sharpe Beef On Twitter

Shannon Sharpe had quite the opinion about Buffalo rappers recently.

Sharpe, who co-hosts Undisputed on ESPN was discussing wide receiver Cole Beasley, who was recently traded from the Dallas Cowboys to the Buffalo Bills.

Some may not know, Beasley is also a rapper, and Sharpe made sure to diss his rap career and every rapper in Buffalo.

“Y’all ruined his [rap] career by shipping him to Buffalo. How many great rappers do you know from Buffalo?” Sharpe asked.

Well, Shady Records artist and Buffalo native Benny The Butcher was not having it and took to Twitter to air out Sharpe.

Funny thing is I jus seen this ugly mufucka like a week ago at the airport in Atlanta… i was the one with the big jewels you kept starring at

Sharpe was quick to bark back and doubled down on Buffalo not being known for great rappers.

  • “Bruh, I don’t know you.,Don’t take it personal. Hell, it’s a lot of ppl that don’t know me. Buffalo is still known for the Bills, wings and Rick James not rappers,” the Hall of Famer retorted.
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