Fan Sends $10,000 Worth of Alcohol to 50 Cent for His Birthday


50 Cent

Fan Sends $10,000 Worth of Alcohol to 50 Cent for His Birthday: 50 Cent got hooked up with thousands of dollars worth of liquor for his birthday.

According to a report Page Six published Tuesday (July 9), the Queens, N.Y. native hit up Rockwell nightclub in Miami Beach to celebrate his 44th birthday. After arriving at 2 a.m., 50 was welcomed by a birthday gift from a megafan. 50 received at least $10,000 worth of alcohol and was reportedly hyped about it.

“He enjoyed the gift,” said the source. “He was dancing and partying when the parade arrived and seemed extremely happy all night long.”

The parade of bottles continued all throughout the night. Although he doesn’t drink hard liquor himself, the Power creator’s entourage full of women seemed excited about 50’s birthday gift. While the bottles kept coming, 50 spent the night sipping on his own premier champagne Le Chemin du Roi.

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